Lodge Cast Iron Skillet Roundup

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I purchased my Lodge Logic�� Skillet from Sur La Table about a week ago and made 3 different recipes with it:  a Heirloom Tomato Frittata with Truffle Oil, a T-Bone Skillet Steak a la Florentine, and a Chicken Pot Pie.

Overall, the dishes came out great and well-cooked throughout.  Although the Lodge Logic�� Skilletalready came pre-seasoned, I did take the extra step to season again myself.  To do so, I coated generously with shortening (yes, Crisco) throughout and placed overturned on a sheet pan in a 325 degree oven for 1 hour.  Overall, there should be nice sheen to the pan without it being sticky once you remove.

Functionality: The benefit of the cast iron skillet is that it goes from stovetop to oven, creating one pot wonders.  Aside from that, searing steak and other proteins on the pan create a restaurant-quality crust that is craveable. While cooking with the pan has been a breeze, the clean up has been horrendous.  The pan is high-maintenance and cannot be washed in the dishwasher, much less with soap and water.  The best way to clean the pan is wiping it with a clean dishtowel or paper towel.  If there is residue, create a scrub out of kosher salt to remove bits and residue with a towel (ugh is right!)

Design/Fashion Sense:  The Lodge Logic�� Skillet  weighs 7.6 lbs and is 12 inches long.  It has prime spot on top of my refrigerator since it does not fit my cupboard — too clunky and too big to keep on my stovetop all the time.

Frequency/Breath of Use:  Sweet to savory, breakfast to dinner, baking to frying, the cast iron skillet is versatile.  Although I can make a ton of great stuff with the cast iron pan, cleaning makes me think twice about cooking with it.

 Cost Value Ratio:  Overall, I paid $59 from Sur La Table for the pan.  Based on the durability, this pan will last me a lifetime (with a right care and elbow grease).
Lodge Logic�� Skillet

Lodge Logic�� Skillet

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