Corn in the USA

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There is nothing that beats fresh, homegrown corn at the start of the season. To the surprise of most people, I was born in Buffalo, NY near farms that grew beautiful produce in the summer. Buffalonians are beaten and abused with the arctic winters but rewarded in the warm summers with fresh strawberries, blueberries, plums, and corn on the cob. We used to go to Spoth’s Farm in the summer to pick up corn on the cob and a fresh peach pie almost every weekend. This is probably one my fondest childhood food memories (aside from eating Buffalo wings all the time).

To my luck, both Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods had varieties of Butter and Sugar and Silver Queen corn this week. Butter and Sugar is your typical yellow corn color, harvested earlier in the season, while Silver Queen, also known as sweet corn, tends have smaller white kernels. I like both for different reasons so I decided to combine both in the recipe below. With my bounty, I decided to make a fresh, shaved corn salad packed with vibrant colors and flavors to kick off the fresh corn season. I thought this would be a perfect job for OXO Mandolin from Sur La Table. The beauty of this corn salad is that you get beautiful shards of corn with one swipe as opposed to broken kernels and pellets if using a normal knife.  It cut through the corn like butter, also leaving very little to waste since it cuts close to the cob. The results are much better (and much safer) than using a chef’s knife where nicked fingers are a potential danger!  Additionally, the red pepper gets shaved paper-thin for a sweet crunchy bite.  Overall, using the OXO Mandolin was dream. I topped the salad off with an easy cilantro vinaigrette that gave just a hint of heat and tang to kick it up.  Hope you like it!  Hope my favorite Jersey rock star enjoys it also!


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