Sweet (Ice Cream) Dreams

I do think there are modern day Willy Wonkas.  Even though there may not be factories filled with chocolate rivers and everlasting Gobstoppers, I do want to pay homage to candy maker Michele Ferrero who passed away earlier this year.  His claim to fame was Nutella chocolate and hazelnut spread.  YUM.  Heaven in a jar.  I could swim in a pool of it.  Nutella is perfect for breakfast (think croissants) or dessert (think crepes), or by the teaspoon/tablespoonful.  Anyone who doesn’t like Nutella is crazy in my book and there is a good chance we wouldn’t be friends.
nutella 1

Add milk to a saucepan and add in cocoa powder

nut2Whisk in cocoa over medium heatnut3
Bring to a rolling boil until it foam

After cooling the refrigerator for 2 hours, add to the freezer bowl and churn!


nut6Ready to eat!

nutella final

Considering this is also the month that Sur La Table is celebrating ice cream, I decided to make Nutella ice cream with my Cuisinart Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker.  The Cuisinart machine was pretty easy to use.  It came with 2 freezer bowls that needed to be pre-frozen overnight before using.  A bit annoying since those sudden cravings of ice cream needed to be planned on ahead of time!  Regardless, the machine is idiot-proof to use since there is only 1 button on the machine.  For the recipe below, I took inspiration from David Lebovitz recipe of chocolate peanut butter ice cream, doctoring it up and adding Nutella instead of peanut butter.  I hope you like enjoy it as much as I do!

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